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Corrosion and Chemical Resistance
ChinaGrate molded grating is manufactured with continuous glass fiber strand wetted thoroughly with premium grade polyester resin. Such inherent characteristics ensure excellent corrosion resistance over a wide PH range - both acidic and caustic.

Great Tensile Strength
Three-step continuous fiberglass strand alternating layers and ultimate one-piece construction distributes loads to bi-directional bars for greater tensile strength.

Impact Resistant
Unlike metallic grating which will deform and need replacement, impact resistance of fiberglass grating allows repeated deflections of fiberglass grating without permanent deformation.

Fire Retardant
All ChinaGrate resin systems have a class 1 flame spread rating of 25 or less per ASTM E - 84.

ChinaGrate molded grating is ideally suited in electrically hazardous locations. Its inherent property reduces the risk of electrical shock by acting as an insulator between conductive materials.

Slip Resistant
ChinaGrate has three types of surface systems to offer maximum slip resistance for most application. The build-in concave surface offer adequate protection, and secondary silica grit or integral silica grit surface will provide superior protection and last longer due to wear and tear.

ChinaGrate can be used in sensitive applications where the inherent magnetic properties of metallic grating would prove lethal.

ChinaGrate is ideally suited for many applications where sparks can trigger explosion or fire due to build-up of combustible gases.

Beautiful and Easy Maintenance
Maintenance freedom from painting and/or coating is achieved, not only by the inherent corrosion/rust resistance, but also by the molded-in color and ultraviolet resistance character.

Easy Installation and Fabrication
ChinaGrate molded grating weights about one-fourth of steel grating. During installation or fabrication, a full panel can be easily lifted or moved by two persons, and cut with eased using regular saw without expensive tools or industrial-grade equipments.

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