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Major Characteristics

Superior fire and high temperature resistance- Lab test showed that when fully cured, the high strength of the chemical bonds formed gives phenolic grating an exceptional level of fire performance and resistance to high temperatures. Phenolic gratings are resistant to ignition and have extremely low level of flame spread when involved in a fire situation.
Very low smoke and toxic fume emissions ¨C If there is a fire, phenolic resin typically generates hydrogen, hydrocarbons, water vapor and carbon dioxide when exposed to temperatures above its decomposition. In a fire situation, phenolic resin produces a relatively low amount of smoke at a relatively low level of toxicity.

Other features
- Excellent Strength-to-weight Ratio
- Corrosion and Chemical Resistance
- Low Thermal Conductivity
- Easy Fabrication and Installation
- Outstanding Durability
- Cost Effective
- Impact Resistance
- Anti-slip
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