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Resin Selection
Resin Description Surface Corrosion Resistance ASTM E 84 Max Oper.Temperature
VE Vinyl ester X,Z Superb Class l 25 228F
lS Isophthalic X,Z Excellent class l 25 218F
ISF Isophthalic Food X,Z Excellent Non-Fire Retardant 218F
OR Grade X,Z Good class l 25 208F

Chinagrate has selected a few resin manufacturers in china to work with. Some are local companies, others are multi-nationals. As we understand that resin is critical in providing the corrosion resistance of the grating products, we have selected the following four different resin choices to ensure every application is covered for corrosion requirement and cost considerations. As additives can be added to make the resin fire-retardant, we can make to the same resin fire-retardant or non fire-retardant.
Type VE is a premium vinyl ester resin. This resin can perform well even in the harshest environments by withstanding the constant contact of a wide range of acids and caustics. It¡¯s been used in some of the most demanding applications such as offshore, waste water, mining and plating. Type VE type comes with a flame spread rating of 25 or less.
Type IS is a premium Isophthalic polyester resin, This resin is a very popular choice for most applications due to good corrosion resistant character and greatly-reduced cost compared with vinyl ester resin .It¡¯s mostly used in applications where there is a possibility of splash or spill of harsh chemicals .Type IS comes with a flame spread rating of 25 or less.
Type ISF is also Isophthalic polyester resin but food-grade, none fire-retardant and can be safely used in food processing.
Type OR is a Orthophthalic polyester resin mostly used for general purpose. It is an ideal choice in light industrial applications and in moderate corrosive environments .It offers superior protection form corrosion and compared with traditional metal gratings .Its low cost makes it popular in many outdoor general applications such as water treatment, irrigation application, walkways, and trench covers .OR type comes with a flame spread rating of 25 or less.
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